Renovation Loans

Renovation (or Rehab) Loans are offered as U.S. Government Insured Loans or Conventional Loans.

FHA 203-K and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Both Loans are U.S. Government Insured Loan Programs.

These Loan Programs are offered for Purchase or Refinance of a Primary Residence.  Home improvements may be as minor as cosmetic upgrades (paint, flooring, etc.) including appliance acquisition or major home transformations including adding rooms and extra space.

Conventional Renovation Loans

This Loan Program is offered for Purchase or Refinance.  However, the Conventional Renovation Loan is offered for Primary Residences, Second Homes, and Investment Properties.

This Conventional Loan offers the Development of Luxury Items such as Swimming Pools and Spas.

I welcome the opportunity to arrange a personal consultation to discuss your needs of Renovation or Rehab of your current home or that property your vision implores you to purchase and transform.

Norris D. Aikens